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Club Pricing

For the purposes of the clubs pricing policy, an "adult" is anybody over the age of 18, and a "child" is anybody under the age of 18.

Every new member must be affiliated to Archery Ireland and the affiliation fee is payable each year, beginners included.  However for the first year beginners pay a reduced rate (Adults : €45, Children : €20).  Archery Ireland affiliation is mandatory because it means that the archer is insured, the archer can participate in archery competitions, and is eligible to train with other Archery Ireland affiliated clubs.

Shooting fees are payable by each member for every training session they attend, and are dependent on the venue. The shooting fees are in place because Salthill is a rented venue and the fees go towards covering that rent. Beginners doing a beginners course are not charged shooting fees, but will be once they become members of the club. The full shooting fee for a training session is payable regardless of whether the archer is in attendance for the full session or just part of the session.

6-Week Beginners Course
Adults : €100
Children : €50

Club Membership Fees 
Adults : €60 
Children : €30
Family memberships available

Archery Ireland Affiliation  
Existing Members:    
New Members:
Adults :     €80                €50         
Children :   €40               €25

Shooting Fees :
Salthill Saturday

Adults : €4
Children : €4     (Children shooting with a parent are 50% off)

Salthill Thursday
Adults : €4
Children : €2

GMIT Wednesday
Adults : €2
Children : €2

GMIT Sunday
Adults : €2
Children : €2