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 This page attempts to answer some of the questions that we get most frequently.  If your question is still unanswered you can contact us here.

Q: How do I join Galway Archers?

A: If you are a complete beginner, you can do a beginners course with us and upon completion of which can join the club.  If you have already recently completed a beginners course with another club, you can join us straight away.  Either way contact us via our Contact page and we can advise you.     

Q: If I do a beginners course with you, do I have to join your club afterwards?

A: You are very welcome to join our club, but you are free to join another club if you wish.  There is absolutely no obligation to join our club or any other club after completion of a beginners course.

Q: Do I need to have my own archery equipment before doing a beginners course?

A: No, we provide all the equipment required for the course. 

Q: I've never shot before but I saw a bow that I really like and want to buy.  Can I get that and bring it along to the beginners course?

A: We don't recommend that.  It is best to use the club equipment during the beginners course, and if you want to continue with the sport after the course the club members will help you choose appropriate equipment at that point.

Q: Can I continue to use the club equipment if I join the club after completing the beginners course?

A: Yes, but only for a short period of time, and subject to availability.  We hold beginners courses on a regular basis and the club equipment will need to be available for the next class of beginners.  If you join the club after the beginners course you would need to look at purchasing your own equipment.  The club can help you with choosing suitable gear.

Q: Do you accommodate left handed shooters on your beginners courses?

A: Yes, but we only have a limited number of left handed bows, so please check with us in advance.

Q: I saw some compound archery on the internet and it looks cool.  Do you do beginners courses in Compound Shooting?

A: We don't offer compound beginner courses at present.  We would recommend doing our recurve beginners course and joining the club afterwards.  If you wanted to take up compound archery at that stage we have compound shooters at the club who can introduce you to compound shooting. 

Q: I would like to try out archery but I'm not very competitive and I'm just looking for a hobby with a social aspect.  Are you that type of club?

A: Short answer : Yes!  Check out our Ethos page.  We are a multi-faceted club, we cater for people of different age groups (12 years and older) and levels of experience, from people who are competitive and want to take part in competitions to people who just want a casual hobby with a social aspect.  We are a club that tries to accommodate all types of archer.

Q: Can I buy vouchers for archery lessons as a gift to somebody else?

A: We don't offer that at present unfortunately.

Q: I am a member of a different club but want to train with your club. Is this okay?

A: Yes, providing you have current membership of Archery Ireland.  But check in advance with our club secretary to ensure that the training session you plan on joining is definitely going ahead.  You will also need to bring your current Archery Ireland membership card along.

Q: I have done archery before and I have my own archery equipment.  Can I come and shoot with you?

A: If you are a current member of Archery Ireland then yes, you can.  But please check in advance with our club secretary to ensure that the training session you plan on joining is definitely going ahead.  You will also need to bring your current Archery Ireland membership card along.

Q: I’m not a member of Archery Ireland , can I still train with you?

A: Unfortunately we can only allow full members of Archery Ireland to shoot with us, otherwise you would not be covered by insurance.

Q: I have recently retired from my job and am looking for a new hobby - is archery suitable for somebody of my age?

A: Absolutely.  We have members of different ages and abilities, it is a very inclusive sport that anybody can try their hand at.

Q: I am looking for a sport/hobby that I can do with my kids.  Is archery suitable?

A: It is very suitable!  Archery is a very open and inclusive sport, where people of different ages and abilities shoot side by side.  Every member of the family can enjoy it.