Galway Archers hosts an internal tournament during the year. The aim of the tournament is to

  • Provide Frequent Competitions
  • Encourage Improvement
  • Gauge Progress


A competition is organised each month. The format is

  • 60 arrows
  • 3 arrows per round
  • FITA Scoring i.e. For a total score of 600
  • Shot at 18 meters
  • Against an appropriate target face

Competitions run on both training days. This is to facilitate people who can only attend one. If someone shoots in both sessions only their top score counts towards the tournament. e.g. If Alice scores 460 on Thursday & 465 on Saturday only 465 affects her tournament rank. A Galway Archer competing elsewhere on the designated days each month can submit a valid score from another competition for inclusion in our club tournament. Proof of score must be provided via a photograph of a completed scorecard or Iink on Ianseo.

Rank is based on the top 3 scores. e.g. If Bob scored

  • 470 in June
  • 430 in July
  • 450 in August
  • 435 in September
  • 440 in October
  • 490 in December

His top 3 scores are from December, June, & August. In this case Bob's Tournament score would be 1,410 out of a possible 1,800. The score ranks Bob with the other members of the club. The goal here is for Bob to improve by beating his 3rd best score. i.e. To score > 450.

At the end of the year the winners are declared and the tournament resets for the following year.


A range of skill levels exist within the club. Rather than divide the tournament based upon skill level, which gets complex, less advanced members, as compensation, shoot against larger target faces.

But there are rules to determine what target face you are entitled to shoot upon.

  • Novices start on 80cm faces
  • If you score >= 450 you're promoted to the next target face (*except on the 40cm)
  • If you score >= 510 you're promoted twice e.g. From the 80cm to the 40cm skipping the 60cm
  • On the 40cm with a score >= 510 you're promoted to the 3-spot